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Published Jan 04, 21
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If your area is close to these requirements or if you have an issue then please email us a couple of digital images of the location along with the measurements to info@universityrentalnac. com. We will respond as soon as possible with whether the tent is going to fit.

Establish and delivery is not included. We more than happy to supply this service for most rental products. Plans for set up and shipment needs to be made at least a week beforehand to enable us to arrange staff members. Please call (936) 560-0800 for rates.? When you are ready to place an order, please stop by the program space or call (936) 560-0800 to position your order.

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We can schedule over the phone, or email, but we would like to go to with you in individual. Once you have picked a date and know what you require, do not hesitate; call us as soon as possible to schedule the equipment you need for your event. Most typically a one month notice is adequate though all of it depends upon the demand for that day.

University Rental accepts checks, money orders, money and all significant credit cards. University Rental requires a downpayment of 50% of the overall booking cost. This will be applied to the final invoice. Set up depends upon your order. If a tent is involved, you do not need to be there the whole time - Wedding Rental Cincinnati.

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What's the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

The major differences between a pole tent and a frame tent are that pole tents contain one or more center pole(s) and must be staked around the tent's perimeter, and are ideal for grass areas. A frame tent does not have center poles and can be anchored with water barrels, concrete ballasts, or stakes; these can be placed on driveways, patios, decks, concrete/asphalt, or in the grass

What is the difference between a canopy tent and a frame tent?

The term "canopy tent" is interchangeable with "pole tent." These style tents contain center poles for the middle of the tent and stakes installed around the tent's perimeter and are most commonly set up on the grass. Frame tents do not contain center poles and are built out of aluminum tubes and fittings to build the frame. Once the frame is built, the tent is lifted in the air, placed on its legs, and then anchored. Frame tents can be anchored with water barrels, concrete ballast, or stakes and can be placed on blacktop, concrete, or grass.

How many chairs fit around a 60 inch round table?

A 60 inch round or a 5 foot round, as it's also referred too will seat 8 guests comfortably at one time. Occasionally, companies will tell you 10; however, to enable everyone's laps to be under the table at one time, 8 is the max amount of guests you can fit at 1- 60 inch round comfortable.

A camping tent can differ from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon size - Party Rental Cincinnati. As long as we have actually a signed agreement you do not need to exist. We will require you to leave us all phone numbers where you can be reached at throughout the day of your installation.

Likewise consist of in the envelope a diagram of your yard where the tent goes. Usage sticks or lawn furniture to define where the tent goes. If you have a lawn sprinkler, sewage-disposal tank or anything in the ground on your home we should be told about before staking then you will require to be present to point out where we must not stake so our stakes don't strike anything.

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The green sap that is left on the surface area of your lawn will stain our devices as we have to lay the majority of it on the ground throughout our set up. Another reason would be is that we wouldn't want your landscaper or yourself to hinder the installation of your celebration.

Lawn wears better when it is longer. If your party is on a Saturday cut no behind Wednesday. Cutting your lawn after a tent has been set up can be exceptionally challenging with all the poles and stakes in the method. We do not enable our clients to cancel if it rains out.

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If you do rent a moonwalk and it is raining out that day and we feel that there is adequate rain to categorize unusable we will not set it up and reimburse your deposit 100%. However if we do set it up and get some unexpected rain we will not release any refund.

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A frame tent requires minimal staking, maybe 6-20 stakes, and is held up by a piped frame. People typically purchase framed camping tents when they want their camping tent in an area where they can't or don't wish to stake. You can utilize water barrels instead of stakes ONLY on a frame camping tent (Wedding Rental Cincinnati).



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