Tips For Choosing the Right Party Go Round - Cincinnati

Published Mar 05, 21
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Tips For Choosing the Right Party Go Round - Cincinnati

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That indicates they have high (for their size) ceilings, suggesting you need to make sure there's area for them. This suggests looking out for low ceilings in indoor use, or obstacles like low power lines, tree branches, or awnings that might obstruct of an outside setup. Many bounce houses will need at least 15 feet of clearance vertically, and a lot of bigger bounce houses can need as much as 20 feet.

How much does it cost to rent a bounce house for a kid's birthday party?

Our bounce house rentals start at $180 for our standard jumper. We also rent other fun inflatables like bounce house combos, inflatable water slides, obstacle courses and more.

How much is the deposit to reserve an inflatable rental for a party?

We require a 20% deposit to reserve any of our fun inflatables. The balance is due upon delivery. If there is inclement weather predicted for the day of your party, you are more than welcome to reschedule or you can cancel for a full refund of your deposit?

How long is the bounce house rental for?

Our typical rental price for any of our bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses or other inflatable rentals are 6 hours. If you'd like to keep the item for 7-10 hours it's only 15% more. Our best deal is our overnight special where you can keep the unit until the next morning for just 30% more.

Make sure to examine the dimensions of any bounce house you're interested in leasing, don't simply look at some images and assume you have space. While we're on the subject of barriers and area factors to consider, you will also want to check out the type of ground in the space you have readily available. Usually, this needs stakes and ropes to secure the inflatable to the ground, which you can't really utilize in a car park in most circumstances. Most inflatables are safe to set up on a concrete surface area, so long as you ensure the surface area is flat and devoid of holes, particles, and other obstacles.

You do not wish to flood a building's basement or a car park and produce a threat if you can assist it. We usually do not advise utilizing a bounce home inside unless it's a small inflatable for kids and there's lots of space. When you understand the number and the general height and weight varieties of the attendees for your event, you can determine inflatables you desire to rent.

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If you have a broad range of attendees, you may desire one smaller and one larger bounce home, with an extra inflatable like a slide or challenge course to entertain others. places to have a kids birthday party. Always try to stabilize out the variety of inflatables you lease with the quantity of area, the variety of guests, and the variety of sizes of those guests (things to do with toddlers in Cincinnati).

Bear in mind that there are more options than just bounce houses available to rent for your celebration. If it's a hot day, possibly you'll want a bounce home that has a water slide too. Bounce homes alone are great for simple jumping and bouncing activities. Hybrid bounce houses have extra functions, such as little slides or tunnels built into them, to offer more offered activities to those playing in them.

These might be single or double lane and can be 10-15 feet high at their deck, so allow 20+ feet of clearance. Water slides are inflatable slides with additional water included to make it a smoother sliding experience, paired with a swimming pool at the end for an enjoyable landing. things to do with toddlers in Cincinnati. Other water inflatables include horizontal slides, water fights, and dunk tanks, to include variety to damp summertime enjoyable.

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Large inflatable challenge courses can be 60 feet long or more. Keep in mind that a robust event has entertainment alternatives for everybody participating in. While inflatables are terrific for children and young adults, you'll desire to combine them with more adult entertainment for the moms and dads and other adults in presence also.



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