How Clermont Yard Card Rentals Works

Published Feb 25, 21
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: Payment is needed when putting a reservation (upon receipt of last order verification and invoice) in order to confirm/hold your date. Order requests should be received no less than 1 week prior to your setup. Payment is needed upon receipt of your invoice in order to confirm/hold your date.

You will get a Paypal invoice by means of email (Clermont Yard Card Greeting Rentals). Please carefully evaluate all details! You may pay with an individual check that is gotten 10 days prior to your appointment. By placing a booking with Lawn Cards by Jess you are agreeing to all terms and conditions laid out in this document.

For safety, please make sure someone at the house or area understands a setup will be happening. Pets need to be secure inside the home or a fenced area for safety and to prevent disturbances. Family pet waste requires to be gotten rid of from the yard prior to setup. Close blinds and limitation barking canines.

Sprinklers that run throughout the setup can knock cards over. Shipments normally take place after dark and can be as early as 8 p. m. (throughout the winter) or as late as after midnight (if we have numerous shipments) unless other delivery times have actually been organized. We can not provide throughout unstable weather.

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We book the right to photograph your backyard card and use it for marketing or any other function. All lawn card setups consist of an advertisement sign for Yard Cards by Jess. This may NOT be modified or moved - Clermont Yard Cards. If a card needs a change or correction that was due to a mistake made by the customer when positioning the order, an additional travel cost will be charged to have someone out to make the modifications (if possible) based on the range of the setup from Huntertown, Indiana.

Frozen ground can make installation tough and will be examined throughout the winter. If we are not able to install your card due to extreme weather condition, you might apply that payment to another date or have actually a refund released. Severe weather condition may be extreme thunderstorms with lightning, high winds, exceedingly cold wind chills, warnings of twister break outs, and travel advisories.

The display products WILL NOT securely support the weight of a kid or adult leaning, sitting, or using it. Please discourage all persons from using or around the display screen. Please take pride in your lawn screen, and treat it with regard. DO NOT move the products. DO NOT permit any yard maintenance to take place near the cards.

Do not toss lawn display products in the trash, or vandalize our signs. Even if you do not like the display screen present provided to you, these products ARE my property and business. It is best to notify the honoree to not hurt the screen, as you are still responsible for it.

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Contact with string trimmers might cause damage as well. Please DO NOT connect balloons to any part of the screen. Balloons fume in the sun. If a hot balloon blows against the indications, they might become damaged. You are motivated to position beside the display to take photographs of your event.

Lawn Cards by Jess and all representatives are not responsible or accountable for any injury or damage that might be caused to anyone or personal effects throughout the setup or removal of any leasing. We are not responsible for vandalism in the type of the lawn greeting being changed to unsuitable or profane words or phrases.



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