How to Choose the Right Dice Bags

Published Nov 30, 20
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Seven Quick Tips Regarding Dice Bags

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How to Choose the Right Dice BagsDice Bags Guidance For You

In my last number of posts, I've been writing about all the dice you ought to have as a gamer and dungeon master in a video game such as D&D or Pathfinder. For example, for my Pathfinder magus, I have 22 dice on hand. For a dungeon master, I suggest a minimum of 30 dice.

This leaves us questioning, simply how do we store all these dice? There are countless alternatives, so, in this post, I'll cover what I finish with my dice, but this is where you come in. We 'd like to see how you store your dice, and to encourage you to share your dice and your dice storage services, I'm going to hand out a dice bag! To go into, simply send out an e-mail to dicebaggiveaway@gmail.

Can Dice Bags Really Help

As long as the image is something I can share on this family-friendly website, I will then publish the image in an album that will be displayed on this post. At the end of the month, I'll choose a winner (Sorry, United States and Canada homeowners only), and you will get a great leather dice bag made by yours trulycheck out a sample later on in this post! The bag on the right is the bigger, I believe more basic, Crown Royal bag.

It still holds method more dice than the size sets I recommend. Picture by Ryan Hiller. Growing up I always had a Crown Royal bag floating around - dice bag. It held dice or other knick-knacks. So, when my kids started playing D&D, and a need for dice storage emerged, out came some of the familiar purple bags! You can find the bags, sans Crown Royal, on Amazon in different sizes, and even in green.

Tips For Choosing the Right Dice Bags Practical Features of Dice Bags

If you're desiring to keep a separate dungeon master dice set and several different character sets, however, most Crown Royal bags are too big. The drawstring top is also prone to dice escaping. I do still use these bags for the wide variety of un-assigned dice, however. Without knowing I had actually already introduced my kids to the wonders of Crown Royal bags, a few years ago, my dad gave them customized Crown Royal bags with their names embroidered above the Crown Royal name.

The Dice Bags Forecast

Elderwood Academy's Hex Chest Remastered is a sophisticated way to store an unique set of dice. Photo by Ryan Hiller The Elderwood Academy Hex Chest Remastered is a stylish way to store a good set of seven dice. My player set of dice consists of a standard 7-dice set, so saving my favorite dice in a hex chest would make them available across characters.

New  Details On Dice Bags Information Around Dice Bags

While the Hex Chest Remastered that came into being from a recent Kickstarter and was reviewed previously by GeekDad is not yet readily available for the general public, their original Hex Chest and other cool devices such as the Spell Book Game Boxes are offered on their website. The Spell Book would most likely be an excellent option for saving bigger player-character and dungeon master dice sets, as would an extended Hex Chest, without main hive shape, that was made available on the Kickstarter.



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